CHANEL Brooch Pearl Strand With Gold

The CHANEL Pearl

The pearl projects its beauty by casting light, possessing light snow, deep charcoal or any color imaginable. It bewitches us with feelings of romance and elegance. A pearl bears the symbol of purity and innocence or something of great value. And when used in CHANEL high fine jewelry, its beauty and meaning heightens to stratums beyond our imaginations.

Although it remains a mystery, it was deduced that the very first pearl was found long ago when an oyster was opened for food by ancients along the coast of India about 4000 years ago. It is safe to say that the first pearls were seen as beautiful and used as ornaments, and shortly thereafter pearls as jewelry was born.

The Egyptians and Romans held the pearl in the highest esteem among all jewels. Today natural pearls are very rare and has held its high value. The practice of inducing pearl formation by implanting matter within a mollusk has been traced back 1500 years. Cultured pearls we know today have been in production for over 100 years. Once techniques teaming science and nature natural pearl formation process was ascertained in Japan in the early 1900's, cultivation began, and has matured into a science, an art and an industry. Since the advent of pearl culturing, albeit surviving challenging environmental conditions, pearls have become much more accessible than ever before for the making of jewelry. Fine quality cultured pearls can be magnificently beautiful and fetch a good sum of money, just as their other gemstone and precious metal counterparts do.

CHANEL gem quality pearls for jewelry pieces are of four cultured types, South Sea Pearl, Japanese Akoya Pearl, Freshwater Pearl and Tahitian Pearl. Their light emissions, color, size and shape vary widely. Some gleem with a high luster, some eminate unique colors, and others are shaped perfectly round, large or small. And, all are simply breathtaking.