CHANEL Brooch For Jacket

The Little Black Jacket

Who would have throught that a simple black jacket would rise to the level that it has?

CHANEL introduced what we know now as the Little Black Jacket in 1925.

Words cannot express the true nature of the Little Black Jacket. It is better said in pictures. Hence, to our surprise and applause, a befitting book and international exhibitions successfully told the story. Exhibitions captivated Berlin, Milan, Shanghai, Beijing, Dubai, Seoul, Sydney, Moscow, London, Hong Kong, Taipei, Tokyo, New York and Paris with a masterful assemblage of artful photos of compelling individuals donning the jacket.

What makes the Little Black Jacket merit such a celebration is its timeless, classic universal appeal. Throughout time, everything and everyone, everywhere, have substantiated the beauty, versatility, and timelessness of the Little Black Jacket.

Thanks to Coco CHANEL, the Little Black Jacket has become a treasured object of our times.