CHANEL Camellia Watch

The CHANEL Camellia

Coco CHANEL revolutionarily changed the way women dressed by departing from heavily frilled garments of the day, to a complete omission of fussy ornamentation. But, almost ironically, Coco actually added a touch of detailing back to her simple line designs with the camellia flower.

The importance of the camellia for Coco was first revealed in her designs as casual embroidery on a blouse. Eventually, the camellia appeared on a memorable black CHANEL suit in 1933. Thereafter, Coco's special memories associated with the camellia, and appreciation for the delicate geometries of the blossom, inspired her to incorporate its forms into cardigans, watches and diamond jewelry.

Replica Chanel Watches

Although online replica watch shops often promise quality copies of the real thing, a Chanel camellia watch replica is not to be mistaken for an authentic Chanel watch. A genuine brings high design and meaningful nuances that cannot be found in a replica at any designer replica outlet store.