CHANEL Button Black Stones

The Button

The button started out as having one function, to adorn apparel, not as a fastener. The button was treated as a piece of jewelry, similar in appeal to a broche.

During the Middle Ages, buttons were prominent among the wealthy. By 1100, the mode of dress had become body hugging and tightly fitted through the use of buttons. Buttons were used to both fasten and embellish clothing.

But by the 13th century, the button and its companion, the buttonhole, were imported to Europe from the clothing designs of the Turks and the Mongols.

The French anticipated the great value of the button and organized the Button Makers Guild in 1250. The Guild was comprised of artisans who produced elaborately beautiful buttons for members of the aristocratic society. Access to the Guild-crated buttons were limited by law, and commoners were only allowed thread and fabric covered buttons. Quickly France was to become the button capital of the world.

The Industrial Revolution Era gave birth to mass production which allowed more access to many type of buttons to more people. Soon the practical use of the button was commonplace and taken for granted. The apparel and accessory designers who amassed around the use of buttons intensified the demand for them, and attention given to buttons grew as an industry.

Although the button may have become a mundane part of everyday life, that is not actually what happened. The works of the artisan continue to enchant us with their optimal beauty and exclusivity. The exquisite original work of the skilled button artisan far surpasses mass produced buttons.

Replica Chanel

These days replica designer buttons are unquestionably something watch out for. Replica Chanel dealers and outlets will never have the tools nor the skills to attain the level of standards set by CHANEL. A fake CHANEL button cannot befit the exquisite quality anticipated from genuine CHANEL.

The CHANEL Button

The CHANEL button permits a CHANEL piece to reach a greater level of ultimate luxury. The highly respected CHANEL buttons are chiseled, gilded, honed, and polished by the most revered button artisans in the world.