The CHANEL Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2015/2016 show took place on a Grand Palais catwalk sparkling with casino glimmer and glam from eras gone by. Exactly oppositely, the collection was not built upon days gone by, but radically futuristic pioneering proclivities, catapulting legandary CHANEL designs into a new technological era using 3D printers.

CHANEL Innovation

We know how the affinity for innovative design is a cornerstone of CHANEL masterpieces, so it is not surprisingly that integrating the latest technology into a collection is a prevailing mainstay. As it may be surprising to many, in no way or shape has 3D printing technology undermined the expected CHANEL artisan handcrafted luxury. Instead, 3D printing has been embraced as another remarkable way to propel the CHANEL designs into a new and future CHANEL.

CHANEL 3D Printing

3d printers were used to provide the basic structure of the CHANEL pieces. Using selective laser sintering (SLS) technology, the framework of the garments were built layer upon layer through melting powder with lasers, all without sewing a single stitch. A simple SLS lattice CHANEL printout was a consummation of a design, specified algorithms, complementary principals, and customized formulas. The lattice was then adjoined to rhinestones, sequins, brocade, silk, and other multi-textured components.

The Creations

The one-piece 3D CHANEL jacket was paired with a square-cut shoulder actualizes a 21st century silhouette. Fabric, embroidery, embellishments and other decorative fittings were added post-printing to finish off the jackets with detailing and spectacular beauty.

3D printed classic CHANEL suits were futuristic boucle, seemingly magically textured, whether with a sheen or studded with crystals, glistened to new heights.

The 3D printed CHANEL dresses and gowns were moulded as one single piece, yet ebbed and flowed with body movement just as any other fabric would.

To take things further, the bridal ensemble was, though nearly unbelievably, wearable. By taking powder and laser to white double-breasted trouser suit and long lavish train, CHANEL bridal couture technology has become a thing of now and the future.

The New Haute Couture Technology

CHANEL has once again begun to pave the way towards a new era in fashion design. We can only hope that technology will be able to keep step with the vast uncharted future of modern design that is perpetually CHANEL.