CHANEL Classic Flap Bag Replica

Is Fashion Art?

The nature of art has been deliberated by philosophers, scholars, poets and others for centuries. And what can be generally concluded is that art is determined as being art according to a process powered by ideas, feelings, creativity, interpretation, innovation, final form, generation of emotion, and brings value. Without the process, there can be no art.

Art has value. Where does that value come from? It's origins, history and how it came to be determines its basic value. Human emotions that art evokes also gives it value. Exclusivity and distinction of the art gives it special meaning and with that more value. Ownerships and how the owner acquired it also adds to its value significantly.

Fashion is art when it satisfies these conditions. The CHANEL purse is by far art. A CHANEL bag is a product of a creative idea that culminates into a masterpiece crafted by highly skilled artisans. Years and years of training, experience and technique goes into the making of each handbag. A CHANEL Classic Flap Bag has a legendary history, exclusive detailing, limited ownership and a distinctive method of acquisition. It can also convey emotions and hold great value. Indeed, CHANEL masterpieces are works of art.

Replica Chanel

As not all art is fashion, not all fashion is art. It can also be said that replicas are not really fashion, and definitely not art.